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The Australian Business Software Industry Association, or ABSIA, is a non-profit association created to be the collective voice of the Australian business software industry. 

As the premier software industry association, ABSIA plays a vital role in transforming how the Government and software vendors relate, communicate and collaborate by being the primary point of contact for interaction between parties. This intermediary role allows for better outcomes for the industry, Government and the end user. 

Identifying and communicating trends and concerns, in a timely manner, enables ABSIA Members to be better prepared and more competitive for future business possibilities. 

We are the mechanism enhancing the flow of information to and from Government departments regarding current and future Government services. This enables better design and delivery collaboration to enhance compatibility and allows for more workable solutions for the business software industry. 

How ABSIA Works

What We Aim to Achieve

ABSIA works closely with our Members and other stakeholders to advocate for a thriving software industry in Australia. We facilitate the business software industry to assist the Government in providing services to Australian businesses and communities by representing stakeholders in the software community in key conversations with government agencies. 

We support and advocate for all stakeholders in the software community including, but not limited to, business software developers, consulting and software service providers, large corporations, SMEs and individuals. 
ABSIA strives to be at the forefront of decision-making to influence policies in favour of delivering the best outcomes and productivities to the business community. 

ABSIA represents and advocates for Members on important Government matters and industry happenings, allowing Members to have their say and influence what will ultimately affect them and the services they provide or consume. 

Through this positioning, and the relationships ABSIA has forged, we aim to be a body that provides leadership to Australia's digital economy. 

Our Reach

ABSIA has over 80 financial members ranging from software developers, providers, consulting services, large corporations, SMEs and individual consumers as well as those with a vested interested in the business software industry who do not develop business software. 

ABSIA's Initiatives 2020

  • ABSIA Strategy Day to be held in February

See past initiatives here

For the ABSIA Constitution please click here.

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