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Fair Work Commission

Date and Time - TBA

In mid-2020 the Fair Work Commission started working with ABSIA and our members alongside the ATO on how the industry could potentially use their recently created Modern Awards Pay Database (MAPD). With continued work between the Commission and the industry, Fair Work Commission will provide an update on the MAPD and the API that is being developed.

About the Speakers

Trudy Jones
Senior Research Office, Modern Awards
Modern Awards, Economics & Research Section
Fair Work Commission

Trudy Jones is the Project Lead for the Modern Awards Pay Database (MAP). She is responsible for maintaining the MAP and overseeing improvements to the system. Trudy has been consulting with industry, regulatory agencies and Federal and State governments regarding the development of an Application Programming Interface for the MAP. Trudy has been with FWC for 10 years and over that time, she has been involved in the various reviews of modern awards aimed at reducing award complexity and improving award compliance.

Murray Furlong
Executive Director, Tribunal Services Branch
Fair Work Commission

Murray is the Product Owner and Sponsor for the Modern Awards Pay Database (MAP). He has been leading the stakeholder engagements for the MAP and is focused on using RegTech to promote regulatory compliance and reduce the cost burden on small to medium sized businesses. Murray has been at FWC for 8 years and prior to working at FWC, he worked in senior roles at the Office of the Australian Building and Construction Commissioner and the Fair Work Ombudsman.