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Quietly Powerful

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From Megumi Miki's book Quietly Powerful: How Your Quiet Nature is Your Hidden Leadership Strength ... You don't have to be loud to be a greater leader. This book recently won the Australian Career Book Award for 2020.

About the Speaker

Megumi is an author, speaker and consultant in leadership, culture, diversity and inclusion, with a background in strategy, economics and finance. With a client list including Bank of New Zealand, Ernst & Young, JBWere, National Australia Bank, Roche, State and Federal Government Departments, smaller for-profit and not-for-profit organisations, Megumi helps leaders and organisations to unlock their hidden talents. She is th author of Quietly Powerful: How your quiet nature is your hidden leadership strength, awarded the Australian Career Book Award of 2020 and Start inspiring, stop driving: Unlock your team's potential to outperfom and grow.

In the uncertain, changing, global and inter-connected world, Megumi believes that the 'alpha' or 'hero' leadership style alone is outdated and inadequate. Quietly Powerful expands the definition of what good leadership looks, sounds and feels like and empowers quieter professionals and those outside majority groups to fulfil their leadership potential. Her work has helped people to develop a quietly powerful presence to lead authentically, be heard and have impact. Megumi's ideas and approach have resonated with many (not just introverts) wanting to develop a calm, inner strength to make the unique contribution they were born to make. Organisations are invited to challenge their usual approaches to identifying, selecting and developing their leadership talent to harness their hidden talent, often of diverse backgrounds.