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This section summarises the additional comments for some of the fields rated as 'Optional'.

For the purpose of this guide, optional fields have been defined in this way as: the group was in support of sellers including rich business information where they can, however they understood that:

  • Buyers are not expected to be able to process all this information automatically, or
  • Some of this information may only be relevant in 'niche' circumstances, e.g. hazardous goods identification. 

Please refer to the full list of Peppol fields with their relevant priority rating in the appendix of the best practice guide. A copy of the guide can be accessed here

13. Payment Terms

According to the A-NZ invoice specification, either Payment due date or Payment terms shall be provided (refer to '1 - Invoice Payment Due Date' under 'Best Practice'). 

14. Purchase Order Line Reference

The A-NZ invoice specification supports referencing to a purchase order line for each invoiced item. Although the reference can be critical in some niche industries, and it is expected that specialist supplier systems will be able to support it, the group acknowledged that this field is not supported or automated in general accounts payable / receivable processes.