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Annual GST return (ATO)

20-04-2018 V Current

ATO SBR ebMS3 integrators (ATO)

20-04-2018 V 1.0.0

Electronic activity statement (ATO)

20-04-2018 V 2.13

Goods and services tax derived from accounts method (ATO)

20-04-2018 V 1.0.0

Goods and services tax retention amounts for software developers (construction) (ATO)

20-04-2018 V 1.0.0

Instalment activity statement (ATO)

20-04-2018 V Current

Pay as you go withholding payment summary annual report (ATO)

20-04-2018 V 12.0.0

Pay as you go withholding self print payment summary specification (ATO)

20-04-2018 V 5.3.0

Pay as you go withholding tax withheld calculator (ATO)

20-04-2018 V 2015-16

Storage of paper records in electronic form (ATO)

20-04-2018 V 1.0.0

STP - Developing for Single Touch Payroll (ATO)

20-04-2018 V N/A

STP - Payroll event (ATO)

20-04-2018 V PAYEVNT.0003.2018

Tax File Number declaration electronic reporting (ATO)

06-11-2017 V 2.2.0

Taxable payments annual report (ATO)

06-11-2017 V 1.0.2

Voluntary tax invoice and invoice standards (ATO)

20-04-2018 V 1.0.0