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Small Business Fix-it Squads – Business Activity Statement

ABSIA has been invited to be a member of the Steering Committee for the Small Business Fix-It Squad – Business Activity Statement established by ATO. This Fix-it Squad is a multi-level, cross-government agency team that includes all key stakeholders related to a specific small business life-cycle event, including small business owners and their representatives. Problems are examined from the perspective of the small business owner and the squad works together to find quick, tangible ways to fix problems and improve the client experience for small business.

The target audience are small businesses who are under the $2 million turnover, registered for GST and paying income tax. The project topic is ‘feedback from small businesses, industry representatives and software developers is that meeting BAS requirement places a disproportionate regulatory burden on small business record keeping’. 

The Steering Committee is the governance and decision making body for the cross agency fix-it squad. Providing guidance on topic direction, representation, stakeholders, squad progress and accepting recommendations. The Steering Committee met for the first time on 11 August 2015 to discuss the project plan that will run for approximately 16 weeks.

Our role is to provide insight on the strategic directions of the software industry, contribute to the decision making process - advising where problems are already being worked on through other programs, raise concerns and communicate decisions to Industry.

If you are interested in participating or would like to receive updates, please email

Stay tuned for some exciting discussion topics such as:

  • Complexity and cost of processing mixed tax invoicing
  • Cooperative Assurance Agreenent (previously known as Self-Assurance Model)
  • Simplifying the BAS for small businesses
  • Free/Low cost software: There is currently a demand for free or low cost software from micro and small businesses. The ATO needs a solution for the 200,000 businesses without payroll or accounting software. The ATO has requested industry feedback regarding a demand for free/low cost software. Have your say!