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Practitioner Lodgement Service (PLS) is the name given to the Electronic Lodgement Service (ELS) moving to Standard Business Reporting (SBR) or ELS2SBR.

Based on industry feedback and concern, ABSIA has provided a submission to the ATO seeking:

  1. Commitment to review and improve the current SBR test environment;
  2. Commitment to improving the release schedule and delivery of MIGs and actual services, and;
  3. An extension of the ELS specification and its associated gateways for 2016 and 2017. Enabling both systems to aptly run in parallel, manage risk levels and allow for a more seamless transition to the SBR environment.

ATO has commenced round table discussions with ABSIA regarding our submission.

ABSIA TAG Software group includes a PLS Health Check conducted monthly. 

For those members wishing to participate in this SIG please email