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Interest in the development of an eInvoicing standard for Australia is rapidly growing.

  • Earlier in 2015, the Government commissioned a Swiss consultant, Bruno Koch, to review the e-invoicing landscape in Australia and to provide some recommendations to government.
  • NORA started a group with a view to developing a standard for B2B commerce for online retailers, intending to come up with a standard method and message structure to exchange purchase orders, invoices, etc. between online retailers and their suppliers. ABSIA has engaged with NORA on this project. 
  • The Digital Business Council (DBC) released a consultation paper for the eInvoicing Interoperability Framework.
  • The Digital Capability Locator (DCL) Working Group is underway with ABSIA Board Members and ABSIA Members Participating in shaping eInvoicing in Australia.  

A Special Interest Group (SIG) has been established for e-Business. Members wishing to participate please email to express your interest.