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How to list a product

Log in to site.  All users log into the website by visiting the homepage and using the Login or Register link.

The registration page looks like this and should be filled out, once completed select the register button.

Once you are registered your name will appear in the top right hand corner.  Select the My Account link.

This will then display the My Membership page.

To list a product select Add New listing, you then get a screen that look like this:

Once you have completed the above,  select Add Listing you get this:

To list functionality select Product Detail, you will then get the screen below:

You then select Add Self Certification

From here you can select an Agency – ATO is the only one there at the moment, once that is done, the functionality is displayed as a drop down with a search box if necessary.  You can then select the appropriate certifications and hit Add, you need to add each individually.