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2018 Annual General Meeting Outcomes

January 10, 2019 By Maggie Leese
ABSIA's Annual General Meeting was on Tuesday October 30, at 3pm (AEDT) in Melbourne. Once again this year, the number of Board Nominees exceeded the number of available positions and proxy voting was held in the lead up to the AGM. The results of the proxy votes were tallied at the meeting with no votes being made in person.   Constitution Changes A vote of 75% or greater was achieved for all of the proposed Consitution changes bringing them into effect immediately.   .......
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Reflecting on 2018 and Happy Holidays

December 19, 2018 By Karen Lay-Brew
President's Reflections ABSIA's Journey has been remarkable in the short few years since it was formed in 2014, and recognition must go to the early Directors' relentless efforts and the tremendous, continuing support from the ATO that has been invaluable for ABSIA. A little reflection ... In November 2016 when I stepped into the role of ABSIA President, a few unexpected events surfaced, not the least of which was that all the ATO secondees returned to their home groups in January 2017. As cha.......
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ABSIA's Annual Conference 2018: eInvoicing Efficiencies and Industry Impacts in and for the Region

November 07, 2018 By Maggie Leese
Firstly, on behalf of ABSIA, we would like to express our gratitude to all those who spoke, sponsored and attended our Annual Conference. The event was a huge success and has been hailed as the best so far. As the first eInvoicing Conference of its kind, ABSIA's Conference gave an invaluable opportunity for the industry and Governments to meet, network and socialise on a topic that is highly energised right now.  The Trans-Tasman eInvoicing Working Group participated at our Annua.......
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Annual Report 2018

October 29, 2018 By Maggie Leese
ABSIA's Annual Report covers ABSIA's major activities and achievements over the past year. It also includes an insight into the future direction of ABSIA and the business software industry. Please view the Annual Report here.

Nominees for ABSIA Board 2018

October 15, 2018 By Maggie Leese
At the upcoming AGM, there will be four (4) Director positions on ABSIA's Board that will be renewed, and there are five (5) nominees for these positions. As the number of nominees exceeds the number of vacant positions, there will be a vote. ABSIA members are strongly encouraged to do electronic voting by proxy ahead of the AGM through a survey that will be sent to all eligible members who are entitled to vote.  Electronic voting will commence on Monday, October 15 at 9am&n.......
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Proposed Constitution Changes 2018

October 09, 2018 By Maggie Leese
ABSIA is proposing changes to their current Constitution at their upcoming AGM, please find brief descriptions of these changes below. Members will have received notification about the AGM. Voting instructions and registration details for the AGM will be sent to all eligible voting members in due course.    Clarifying Changes The following proposed changes are designed to clarify the intent and current contradictions of the Constitution. All resolutions will be voted on together, un.......
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