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Payroll Special Interest Group

There has been so much happening with payroll due to the Australian Taxation Office's Single Touch Payroll initiative. The Payroll Special Interest Group (PY-SIG) was formed to create a close alliance between those ABSIA members who deliver software for payroll: functionally or for transmission or support.

Deanne Windsor, ABSIA Board Director, is the lead for payroll matters and liaises with the ATO and other agencies on behalf of our members. Deanne also manages our online forum category for payroll. We use our forum as the online collaboration tool to connect with other members and our government partners. We have established a successful engagement model with the ATO for the co-design of Single Touch Payroll.

How the PY-SIG Operates

Financial ABSIA members can request access to the ABSIA online forum and to specifically be a member of the PY-SIG to become a part of our online forums and to participate in these online discussions. Deanne has structured the Payroll forum category to have many sub-categories for the range of discussion topics, such as the following:

Payroll Special Interest Group

This is the primary discussion group that is open to financial ABSIA members only (upon request). Here, members discuss details of information they wish to share with others, ask for support from other members, or to confirm understandings. There is a very collegiate and professionally respectful discussion here, with some of the largest volume of discourse that occurs on the forum. This is also where Deanne reaches out and asks members for opinions, positions, issues and concerns they have and represents them on members behalves to the ATO. Many non-ABSIA members are eager to gain access to this valuable IP, but it is strictly controlled and limited to financial ABSIA members only!

Single Touch Payroll

This group is a combination of the PY-SIG and ATO Single Touch Payroll staff. It allows members to share questions and issues directly with the ATO team. Most importantly, it allows our members to see what issues others are experiencing.

New Zealand Inland Revenue Department

The representatives from NZ-IRD who are working on the Pay Day reporting for NZ share a discussion group with the PY-SIG, to enable online collaboration for those payroll matters that are rolling out at the same time as Single Touch Payroll.

STP - Phase 2

The Departments of Human Services, Social Services, Veterans Affairs and others have a dedicated discussion group with the invitation-only focus group of ABSIA members who are co-designing STP Phase 2 with both the ATO and these agencies.

PAYG Withholding

Other dedicated matters about clarifying operational payroll issues with the ATO PAYG Withholding team.

Various STP Governance Groups

Several invitation-only groups that include the ATO, ABSIA members and non-member participants, to enable online collaboration on design matters for Single Touch Payroll.

Employer Payroll Professionals

Specific employers have been invited to collaborate online with ATO and ABSIA members on the STP scenarios that further illustrate the detailed design, in concert with the BIG.

How Can You Join our Payroll Special Interest Group?

You have to be a financial ABSIA member. We encourage financial members who are involved in payroll to join this SIG and be a part of the co-design process. For those new members wishing to participate in this SIG please email For existing members who are users on the forum, the key liaison with ABSIA should follow the User Guides to request additional users to be invited to the PY-SIG.