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ABSIA provided an ELS2SBR submission to the ATO based on industry feedback and concern seeking:

  1. Commitment to review and improve the current SBR test environment;
  2. Commitment to improve the release schedule and delivery of MIGs and actual services and;
  3. An extension of the ELS specification and its associated gateways for 2016 and 2017.

Enabling both systems to aptly run in parallel, manage risk levels and allow for a more seamless transition to the SBR environment. 

The ATO conducted a Round Table Discussion in Melbourne with ABSIA, the developers investing in the ELS and SBR program and key ATO project staff. They advised in summary, that the ATO is:

  • Committed to improving the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the External Vendor Testing Environment (EVTE);
  • Committed to improve the service and delivery of essential elements to the program and noted some generic improvement opportunities that they will jointly support and;
  • Committed to being improved to avoid market failure for tax time 2016 and intend to continue to drive the necessary channel shift to support the Government's digital agenda.