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Developer Membership (Level 3) - more than 99 staff - Monthly Instalment

$308.55 AUD
Approx $239.13 USD


Developer Members are entities that generate revenue from the development of business software. Developer Members are entitled to:

  • One voting representative at general meetings
  • Use of the ABSIA logo
  • One Member Directory listing
  • Discounted or free Member events
  • Participate in ABSIA Forums
  • Sign up to receive regular news

The pricing for Developer Membership is tiered, based on the number of staff (all prices include GST):

Micro 5 or less staff $617.10
Level 1 Up to 19 Australian or NZ based staff $1,234.20
Level 2 20-99 Australian or NZ based staff $2,468.40
Level 3 100+ Australian or NZ based staff $3,702.60

Monthly payment options are available. A minimum of 12 monlthy payments is required.