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New Payments Platform

ABSIA's New Payments Platform Special Interest Group (NPP SIG) was established to assist and advise the ABSIA Board and ABSIA Members more generally on matters relating to the NPP. It also provides a focal point for external organisations such as New Payments Platform Australia (NPPA), who want to engage with ABSIA and or our Members about the adoption, implementation and governance of the NPP.

The NPP SIG will work with ABSIA Members, NPPA and industry stakeholders on the strategic direction, design activities, implementation, rollout and governance of the NPP.

Other areas of interest include:

  • Encouraging participation in design and pilot activities;
  • Providing feedback to NPPA regarding any issues related to the technology, security, governance and implementation; and,
  • Providing recommendations regarding risk-assessment of any planned or implemented NPP systems.

ABSIA Director, Michael Ross, is the current convenor of the NPP SIG. If you are looking to join this group, please find more information about this process below.

How the NPP SIG Operates

ABSIA's Forum is used to communicate with NPP SIG Members and to organise meeting. Here, we seek input and feedback on the topics and outcomes of the NPP SIG.

The NPP SIG will hold monthly teleconference meetings unless otherwise agreed upon.

How to Join the NPP SIG

ABSIA's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are only available to ABSIA Financial Members or by express invitation from the SIG convenor. To join this SIG, please email an expression of interest to