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This Special Interest Group was established to support Australian software developers and employers on payroll related topics. This group is steered to cover the payroll-related functions for Australian employers that are governed by legislation, regulation and/or other compliance obligations from a software developers' perspective. ABSIA Directors Chris Howard and Brad Stockman are the current payroll leads. 

What is happening with payroll now?

The Single Touch Payroll journey continues to impact on the industry as more ways to streamline payroll reporting are identified and put forward as future phases of the program. The industry is also preparing for Phase 2 of STP. 

Recent changes including annualised salaries, updated modern awards and COVID-19 stimulus measures have and will continue to have an impact on the industry. 

Understand that the payroll space is ever-changing, ABSIA aims to keep up to date with payroll changes and communicate these to Members. We want to encourage conversation amongst Members to understand their ideas and concerns surrounding payroll matters so we can represent these and ensure solutions are workable and can be delivered in a timely manner. 

ABSIA & Payroll

ABSIA and our Members have been working closely with the Government and industry on STP since its inception. Since then, ABSIA has built close relationships with the STP and payroll teams within the ATO. 

More recently, ABSIA has opened up a dialogue with the Fair Work Ombudsman's office as a response to our Members wanting more detailed information about annualised salaries. 

Who we work with

  • ATO 
  • STP Assistant Commissioner & team
  • Fair Work Ombudsman

How does the SIG work?

The Payroll SIG currently operates on the ABSIA Forum with meetups and webinars arranged as needed. Members of this SIG include ABSIA Members, ATO representatives and select non-members. If you are wishing to participate in this SIG, please email an expression of interest to