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Payroll and Single Touch Payroll

ABSIA's Payroll Special Interest Group (SIG) or was established to support Australian software developers and employers on payroll related topics. This group is steered to cover the payroll-related functions for Australian employers that are governed by legislation, regulation and/or other compliance obligations from a software developers' perspective.

Members and convenors of the Payroll SIG collaborate with software developer organisations, government agencies and consumers to support, influence and drive the digital transformation agenda for the Business Software Industry. 

As a part of the general payroll topic, other topics of discussion include:

  • Payroll legislation
  • Single Touch Payroll
  • The Operational Framework and its application/execution within the Payroll environment

ABSIA Director and President, Chris Howard, is the current convenor of the Payroll SIG. If you are looking to join this group, please find more information about this process below.

How the Payroll SIG Operates

ABSIA's Forum is used to communicate with PY-SIG Members and to organise meetings. Here, we seek input and feedback on the topics and outcomes of the Payroll SIG.

Payroll SIG Members receive regular email updates on the status of Forum communications, industry updates and teleconference meetings. Teleconferences are organised as needed and here Members can discuss issues in real-time with other Members. Agendas and minutes will be provided on the Forum for these teleconferences. 

How to Join the Payroll SIG

ABSIA's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are only available to ABSIA Financial Members or by express invitation from the SIG Convenor. To join this SIG, please email an expression of interest to