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This Special Interest Group was established to inform and keep ABSIA Members up to date with Practitioner Lodgement Service (PLS) and tax matters. ABSIA Director and Secretary Mike Behling is the current PLS and tax lead. 

Current State of the Industry

The interfaces used by the ATO are evolving and changes are ongoing. It is important to stay informed and regularly engage in driving these directions. There are also the yearly additions and updates in accordance with government legislation. 

There is continued work in the PLS area to move from XBRL to XML to ease the workload on the ATO and the software industry who are supporting these transactions. For some that had already adopted XBRL, or those who put a considerable amount of work into adoption, this will be a significant change. 

In March 2019, the Treasury announced a review into the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) with a follow up consultation in August. With this consultation still ongoing, the industry looks forward to the outcomes. 

ABSIA and PLS & Tax

ABSIA currently participates in the PLS working group and understands that many of our Members provide tax solutions and are affected by changes themselves as businesses. Through ABSIA's relationship with the ATO, we have worked and will continue to work closely with them and our Members on tax related matters. 

ABSIA also co-chairs the Digital service provider Architecture Reference Group (DARG) which impacts upon PLS given the DARG works across all areas of the ATO SBR systems. We take an active part in the improving the test environment group here. A major outcome for the group this year is creating a developer certification process for IITR 2020 in place of a customer PVT. This process will use the increased level of testing in the External Vendor Testing Environment (EVTE). 

Throughout 2019, ABSIA contributed two submissions to the Review of the Tax Practitioners Board with the aim of making it easier for DSPs providing tax-related services. From this work, we look forward to continued work with the TPB to ensure we can continue innovating tax services. 

Who we work with

  • ATO 
  • PLS Working Group
  • Digital service provider Architecture Reference Group (DARG)

How Does the SIG Work?

The PLS and Tax SIG currently operates on the ABSIA Forum with meetups and webinars arranged as needed. All ABSIA Members can currently access this Forum category.