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ABSIA contributes to a variety of industry and government consultations to provide feedback and influence policy for the benefit of the business software industry. 

ABSIA Members are encouraged to contribute to current consultations. Consultations that are currently open for feedback can be found below.

Past submissions can also be found below. 

Current Consultations

No current consultations. View past submissions below.  

Past ABSIA Submissions

CDR Draft Rules Consultation

ABSIA submitted to the ACCC's CDR draft rules consultation on 20 July 2020. In this submission ABSIA encourage the ACCC to consult more with industry and professional associations to better understand potential impacts within specific industries. Access a copy of this submission here.

| Posted by Maggie Leese
Invoice Status Communication Discussion Paper
Inquiry into Future Directions for the Consumer Data Right

Is there a consultation you would like ABSIA to contribute to? Please contact us with the consultation details.