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ABSIA contributes to a variety of industry and government consultations to provide feedback and influence policy for the benefit of the business software industry. 

ABSIA Members are encouraged to contribute to current consultations. Consultations that are currently open for feedback can be found below.

Past submissions can also be found below. 

Current Consultations

ACCC's Consultation on Proposed Changes to the CDR Rules
The ACCC is seeking views on changes to the Competition and Consumer (Consumer Data Right) Rules 2020. These changes are intended to expand the Rules and allow for the entry of a greater number and type of businesses in Consumer Data Right. ABSIA will be preparing a submission and more information can be found on the Forum. This consultation closes at COB 29 October.

If you are interested in participating or sending in your feedback for any of the submissions, please email us.

Past ABSIA Submissions

Options for Establishing a Consumer Data Right in New Zealand
Digital Platform Services Inquiry - March 2021 Report on App Marketplaces Submission
ABSIA's Submission to Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Systems of National Significance

Is there a consultation you would like ABSIA to contribute to? Please contact us with the consultation details.