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Following the release of the joint Discussion Paper 'Early thinking: Operational governance for trans-Tasman e-Invoicing' requesting consideration and feedback from key stakeholders, ABSIA prepared a submission on behalf of our members and relevant industry stakeholders. 

The submission considered issues and topics around:

  • Australia's role in the global and regional trade context;
  • Australia's potential to be the world leader in providing e-invoicing solutions on an interoperable open standards platform;
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different types of legal personalities; 
  • Stakeholder and participant interests, roles, responsibilities and decision rights;
  • Accountabilities, risks and liabilities;
  • Operational continuity, reliability and sustainability and;
  • Cost-effectiveness and funding. 

The submission collated feedback on the above considerations and the questions outlined in the discussion paper from software developers, e-invoicing providers and businesses currently using e-invoicing. 

Access a full copy of the submission here